Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WATCH: Manny Pacquiao And Juan Manuel Marquez Face-Off In Karaoke Challenge On Mexican

As a preview of their big fight being held on November 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada, championship boxer Manny Pacquiao and his long-time rival, Juan Manuel Marquez, went head-to-head in a singing duel on a reality television show in Mexico.

The musical face-off between the two boxers took place at La Academia. Pacquiao sang 'Imagine' by John Lennon, while Marquez performed ‘El Rey’ by José Alfredo Jiménez. Aftewards, they both sang together, 'Cielito Lindo', a classic Ranchera from Mexico, and Pacquiao even ventured to sing a portion of 'La Bamba'.

The atmosphere was cordial enough that they even found time to dance.

Pacquiao, known as ‘Pacman’ and the ‘Devorador de Mexicanos’ [The Devourer of Mexicans], was received very well by the Mexican audience, evidenced by the thousands of fans cheering for him.

After one tie, and one victory for Pacquiao, the duo are preparing for their third fight.

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