Friday, August 26, 2011

This Guy In Brooklyn Got An NYC Earthquake Tattoo Pics

Brooklyn tattoo shop are signing up to have “Survived the Quake” inked on their skin – even though the design was offered as a joke.Getting the black logo will hurt more than Tuesday’s tremor, which did little more in New York than rattle some nerves.
Tattoo shop owner Joe Khay was mocking all the amped-up angst about the quake when he made the design.”My whole shop was swaying back and forth,” said Khay, who owns Citizen Ink Studios in Sheepshead Bay.

Khay wasn’t the only person in the country to turn the quake into commerce. Commemorative T-shirts popped up on the Internet within hours.Of course, the buyers can take those off.Although Berg was the first taker at Citizen Ink, three other people have asked for the quake tat, which was first reported by the blog Sheepshead Bites.”It’s not the weirdest thing I have tattooed on people,” Khay said with a grin. “I just thought it would be a good laugh.”

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