Wednesday, August 31, 2011

25 ways Top Gun changed the world

To win that trophy, "Hot Buns" is going to have to go five rounds with Top Gun's iconic volleyball scene. Although "Hot Buns" features the barfaced phrases, "you're hot" and "give me your body," we are disinclined to believe the sincerity of the

It wasn't exactly the film McGillis would have picked for herself, but "Top Gun" went on to become the biggest box office draw of 1986 - taking in more than $176 million. From its driving Kenny Loggins tune "Danger Zone" to the catch phrase "I feel the

A malfunctioning radar gun may be all that kept Canadian Bill Tomlinson from boat racing immortality. His official Top Gun title-winning speed stands at 208 mph. He made a total of eight runs over the Shootout weekend and tied Dave Scott's course

There's quite a bit of interesting stuff going on here, although Sirota leans too heavily on Top Gun, which is notable more for its box office success than for its production relationship with the Navy. The Pentagon has worked

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