Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Justin Bieber's Snake Is Named 'Johnson' (Photo & Video)

Perhaps you heard that Justin Bieber brought a date to the MTV Video Music Awards last night?

No, it wasn't girlfriend Selena Gomez, although she was there too. The 17-year-old singer who picked up the award for Best Male Video brought along a snake -- named 'Johnson.'

The object of affection for teen girls worldwide, showed up to his pre-show interview with Selena Gomez with his special friend.

Gomez asked Bieber to talk about what he was wearing and to "please talk about this," pointing to the baby boa constrictor he held in his hand. When he thrust it towards her, Gomez -- who was visibly grossed out shouted, "Stop! I know."

Bieber then gave his girlfriend an inventory of what he was wearing and told her his snake's name was "Johnson."

It's pretty amusing watching the couple try to keep it professional, but at the end of the interview Bieber swoops in and leaves his girlfriend with a little kiss.

If nothing else this little stunt with the snake just proves that Bieber really is a 17-year-old boy.

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