Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Throws Foul Ball On Field During Giants Game (Video)

It's a bad sign when baseball fans don't even want foul balls. And after losing 14 of their 21 games played in August, the San Francisco Giants should probably be keeping on eye on any such signs of fan unrest.

In this case, though, a fan threw back a foul ball back onto the field not out of fiery indignity but out of a lack of fine motor skills.

During a game between San Diego and San Francisco yesterday, a pint-sized Giants surprised his family and those sitting around him when he tossed a foul ball back onto the field. In the top of the 8th inning, the toddler was handed a ball by his mother, at which point he promptly threw it back on the field.

No doubt, fans of all ages who have never been able to get their hands on a foul ball will cringe at the sight of this video. Let this serve as a teachable moment to parents. If a kid doesn't have the ability to speak yet, odds are he or she doesn't understand the rarity of receiving a foul ball at a baseball game -- so hold onto that thing until he's out of diapers.

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